NEST Learning Thermostat

Increase your ability to control your heating and reduce your carbon footprint.  As the inteligent control learns your patterns eventually you will not need to think about saving money on your gas bills.

Supplied and installed for £250 + vat or Installed only for £75 + vat

*** You may need to purchase a stand to go with your nest for £30

Here are some of the other intelligent controls we can also supply at competitive prices

Don't put off changing your boiler. The boiler market completely changed with the introduction of high efficiency boilers. We can only fit boilers that are over 90% efficient, that may mean 30-40% more efficient than your non condensing boiler.

This could reduce your gas bill by 100's of pounds a year & combined with a manufactuers warranty of up to 10 years for peace of mind.

We install Gas, LPG and Oil boilers.

Prices start from £1450 +vat.

Is Your Heat Pump working the way it should be?

A Heat pump system should be producing 3 kw of heat to every 1 kw of electricity used.  Thats 2 free killowatts of energy at least.

But if not set up or serviced correctly a heat pump can soon fall out of calibration.

We Service and Install heat pumps.

A BroakOak Services representative is ready and waiting to take your call. They can be reached on 01452 238 555.

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